Puja Committee 2022 Update

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Puja Committee 2022 Update




Date : 12th June 2022

Puja Committee for 2022 as follows:

President                  : Mr.Pratap Jena

Vice President         : Mrs. Sutapa Ghosh,  Mr.Chittaranjan Pal, Mr. P.K. Nandi,  Mr.  Gobinda Saha & Mr. Samir Maity

General Secretory  : Mr. Arun Nandi

Joint Secretory        : Mr. Abhijit Dey, Mr. Uttam Layak & Mr. Abhijit Chakraborty

Treasures                : Mr. Nirmalya Talukdar & Mr. Kanchan Sinha

Cultural Secretory  : Mrs. Chitra Roy

 Souvenir Editor     : Mr. Nirmalya Talukdar & Mr. Subrata Chakraborty

The Following points has been discussed :

1. Committee requested to everybody for their maximum individual collection beside membership  to achieve our target.
2. Some members has been confirmed their tentative amount to be collect from other sources.
3. Less than Rs. 2,000  contribution will not be allowed for free coupon.
4. Coupon is essential for taking Lunch and Dinner.
5. Cost for Pandal, Food & Cultural activities to be reduced and should be within our budget.

Ananta Ghosh,

(Chief Organizer)