Puja Committee Update 23 June 2022

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Puja Committee Update 23 June 2022


The following points has been discussed and decided on 23-06-2022

Sr Roles and Responsibility Name
1 Finalization of Pratima From Durga Puja to Saraswathi Puja
2 Finalization of Pandal for 2022-23 Total from Durga Puja to Rabindra Jayanti
3 Finalization of Music Systems for 2022-23 To be discussed on 26-06-2022
4 Cultural Programme To be discussed on 26-06-2022
5 Puja Permission Mr. Partha Pan
6 Puja Opening by MLA Bharuch
7 Team for inauguration and Guest Welcome To be decided
8 Anandamela Co-ordinator Mr. Subrata Chakraborty & Mr. Suman Mitra
9 Bhog & Puja As Earlier
10 Pandel, Stall & Program Stage Mr. Nirmalya Talukdar & Mr. Uttam Layak
11 Person with Mr. Pratap Jena for Kitchen Mr. Govinda Saha, Mr. Kashinath Mandal, Mr. Uttam Layak, Mr. Abhijit Chakraborty.
12 Security & Parking Mr. Kanchan Sinha and Mr. Abhijit Dey
13 Flower & Lotus Mr. Partha Pan
14 Daily Fruit Purchasing Mr. Sandeep Dasgupta
15 Photography Mr. Ganesh Das & Mr. Gobinda Saha
16 Handling of Cheque Book and Cash Transaction during Puja Mr. Arun Nandi


Ananta Ghosh,

(Chief Organizer)

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Ranjit Ganguly

October 2, 2022at 11:25 am

Shubha Shaptami. Grand Celebration and Enjoyment to all the residence of Zadeshwar.

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