About us

Sometimes when We have an opportunity to work down the memory lane, strange feeling, creeps in our mind that how and by whose stroke of magic word the embryonic organization once formed by  few juvenile minds has taken this mammoth shape, size and distinct in 6 year of its onward journey.

It has always been an onerous task for all our organizers and members to build the stage for the glittering glory. Thousands of people turning heavily during the puja days, appreciate our creation, even share concerns of us but it is difficult to depict the tireless efforts and amount of workload shoulders by our organizers for previous 2-3 months to make this Durgotsav a grand success. But all our weariness after few months struggle soothes immediately when we look at the shining faces of our thousands and thousands of visitors who leave the place with satisfaction.

We extend our sincere thanks to all our organizers, members and their families without whose support and cooperation such a event could not have been organized. We owe a lot to our benevolent subscribers and partners who have pillared our success.

Ananta Ghosh,

(Chief Organizer)

Mr.Pratap Jena


Mr.Gobinda Saha

(Vice President)

Mr.Abhijit Dey

(Joint Secretary)

Mrs. Sutapa Ghosh

(Vice President)

Mr.Sameer Maity

(Vice President)

Mr.Chittaranjan Pal

(Vice President)


(Vice President)

Mr.Arun Nandi

(General Secretary)

Mr.Uttam Layak

(Joint Secretary)

Mr.Abhijit Chakraborty

(Joint Secretary)

Mr.Kanchan Sinha


Mr.Nirmal Talukdar

(Souvenir Editor)

Mrs. Chitra Roy

(Cultural Secretary)

Mr.Ganesh Das

(I.T Coordinator)

Mr.Kartik Das

(I.T Coordinator)